'Logan's Run' director makes a break for it


14th November 2010

Wait, they're remaking Logan's Run? And director Carl Rinsch just quit to concentrate on '47 Ronin' with Keanu Reeves?! Holy shit, somebody get me an application form! Name: Luke; Age: 29; Relevant experience: played Simeon in primary school production of 'Joseph'.

It's a rare day at Shiznit Towers when one of us doesn't fall to our knees, raise our fists to the sky and bellow "Why, Hollywood? Why must you take our beloved movies and re-hash them for trendy new demographics against our wishes?!". But it's an even rarer occurrence when you'll find us nodding in silent approval at one of our beloved industry's increasingly harebrained schemes. Today is one of those days. I'll get the Babycham.

The 1976 original is a Sci-Fi classic. Not for the sets, or the acting, or the effects; rather it's remembered for the way those elements were gelled with a plot that still chills to the bone marrow: what if society just blindly accepted that you expire when you reach a certain age? No questions, you simply get turned off in return for a short, Utopian existence. It's a theme that can be transposed easily to our Information Age, and when you look at the proles desperate for a quick fix to their rotten lives on X-Factor, it seems more applicable than ever before.

I for one am more interested in what they will do with this than, say, the 'Total Recall' remake that Colin Farrell is rumoured to be signing up for - just hope they can find a replacement capable of bringing it to the big screen with a deserved bang instead of a fizzle. But whatever happens, this all neatly serves to remind us that Ali's 30th birthday is rapidly approaching, and I promised him it would look something like this:


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