Matthew Goode rumoured for Zack Snyder's Superman


22nd November 2010

Because that rumour machine won't keep shovelling shit into itself!

Speaking on behalf of the internet, we have a love/hate relationship with casting sagas like that of Zack Snyder's forthcoming Superman reboot. One one hand, it's a huge franchise and it's natural to speculate who might play one of cinema's most iconic roles. On the other hand, it's fucking boring.

Judging by recent non-committal interviews, Zack Snyder doesn't really like playing these games either. Despite him saying that he doesn't want to hire a 'named actor', dozens of well-known faces have been linked with the role, including Jon Hamm, The Social Network's Armie Hammer and Nicolas Cage (in my dreams). Make some room for Matthew Goode on the list.

According to Movienewz (pro tip: never trust a movies website with a 'z' in the title), Goode is the "frontrunner" to play the Man of Steel, not only because he's the right height, but also because he is a human, caucasian male with all four limbs intact and nice hair. That's all you need to be considered, apparently.

Taken with a fistful of salt, it's an interesting rumour, because it'd represent the first time a Brit played Superman (uness Bob Holness played him in some radio play or something). It's also fun because Matthew Goode is Irish, so you could wave a pint of Beamish under his nose and he'd tell you everything you ever wanted to know, including approximately how awful the movie he's currently working on is.

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