Mel Gibson to cameo in Hangover 2


18th October 2010

LOL he hatez the Jews and hs a drink prblem and beat up hs gf while she woz holding his kid but hes appearin in a comedy i know and making jokes LOL what a legend!!!!! u r forgiven mel!!!!1

What to do with your career when you've been exposed as a stark-raving lunatic? Somehow, Mel Gibson got over the epoch-shattering "Sugar Tits" incident; he will not, however, be quite so lucky to walk away unscathed from his latest scandal, in which he Hulked out on the phone to his girlfriend when she refused to blow him and allegedly punched her so hard he broke her teeth. Mel Gibson: officially the only person to be less sane than their South Park character.

There's much talk of exactly how Mel Gibson can possibly make a career comeback (significantly more talk, it has to be said, than on the subject of whether or not he should be allowed). He already has a Jodie Foster movie, The Beaver, in the can, in which he plays a man who comes to believe the toy puppet on his hand is real. 'Mental illness comedic drama' doesn't exactly scream 'plea for public sympathy' though, does it?

The smart money now is on a mirth-inducing cameo, and it seems that Gibson is planning on making a cameo in The Hangover 2, currently shooting on the Warner Bros lot before production moves to Thailand. The New York Post (truly The Daily Mail of reliable sources) have the scoop and claim Gibson will play a tattoo artist the boys run into in Bangkok. I hope he says the n-word! I'm laughing already!

Boy, that Todd Phillips certainly has a type he looks for in his cameos. First there was convicted rapist Mike Tyson in The Hangover, now confirmed psychopath Mel Gibson in the sequel. I'm looking forward to the scene in The Hangover 3 where Ian Huntley gets his head stuck in some school railings. (*slide whistle*)

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