Mission Impossible 4: Cruise's Hunt returns, still scared of explosions


10th February 2010

Tom Cruise has signed on the dotted line to reprise his role as Ethan Hunt in a new Mission: Impossible movie. Note to self: use phrase 'Cruise's Hunt' more often. Because it sounds vaguely dirty.

Though many think Tom Cruise 'jumped the couch' a long time ago (or nuked the shark, or whatever you dorks are calling it now), he's still a mega box-office draw. The only franchise he's attached to is Mission: Impossible, and despite a lukewarm critical response, M:I-3 still had me humming the theme tune and sliding down banisters upon exiting the cinema like a complete berk. Five stars might be a bit much, mind. I blame exam stress.

There was talk of (*grits teeth*) 'rebooting' the franchise for a fourth instalment, with Cruise appearing in a mentor role (today being International Mentor Day) and passing the torch onto a younger spy. Frankly, that idea blew Xenu balls, so the news that Cruise will return in a full capacity pleases my inner thetan. Shooting is scheduled for this summer, in view to a Summer 2011 release. Grease my banisters. So to speak.

JJ Abrams won't return to direct Mission: Impossible IV, sadly, but will stick around on production duties. It's a shame, as he's certainly shown a decent knowledge of what makes action franchises like this important. See below, for example.

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