Mission Impossible: this franchise will self-reboot in 5... 4... 3...


13th July 2010

Because people only like seeing young people act in movies (fact), the Mission Impossible franchise looks like it's getting a reboot, elbowing old fogey Tom Cruise into a mentor role.

Reasons you know you're getting old #36: movie reboots of old TV series are getting rebooted themselves. Mission: Impossible is one of those franchises that's walked a fine line between suck and awesome: the first was a touch over-complicated, the second was utterly respackulous and the third was juuust right.

But a fourth Mission: Impossible? That might be an impossible mission too far. Deadline claim that the script for Mission: Impossible 4 has been altered to edge out Tom Cruise and shoehorn in a younger cast member to appeal to a new audience. May I suggest Justin Bieber? I don't know what that is, but it's trending on Twitter right now, you guys!

"I hear the script that came in is very good, but the studio is still trying to figure out the budget as well as Cruise's role in light of the lackluster Knight And Day grosses. There's talk that Tom's character will mentor a young operative this time out if the pic proceeds."
Knight & Day is currently tanking in the States, and though it looks like harmless fun, the fact that it stars the two smuggest stars on the planet doesn't exactly help its cause. I tried to give away two tickets to an advance screening to a woman in my office and she looked at me like I'd just taken a shit in her desk drawer. I mean, I had done that, but that was for something else.

Better get the lead out, Tom

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