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30th September 2009

Casting news and a script review for Robert Rodriguez's Predators have popped up online: this ain't your hipster douchebag nephew's Predator film, punks. This one has animals in it for a start.

While it's no stretch of the imagination, the news that Robert Rodriguez has recruited Mexican child catcher Danny Trejo to appear in quasi-remake Predators is indicative of the right sort of tone the project so desperately needs. After the Predators themselves, Trejo might be the scariest organism on the planet (take another look at 'that' tattoo).

Meanwhile, Latino Review have got hold of a script for Predators and call it:

"A 90-page kick-ass sci-fi movie worthy of the original. The script isn't some lame PG-13 follow-up. It's a bloody, violent hard-R script."

Now that sounds more like it. The treatment they saw tells of a story of a bunch of fine human specimens - including hardened killers, yakuza, snipers and a Mexican drug cartel enforcer (hmm, who could that be?) - that are rounded up by the Preds and hunted for sport.

According to Latino Review, the Preds will be headed up by a "Black Super Predator", which is "like a regular Predator jacked up on steroids." Somewhere, Michael Clarke Duncan's ears just pricked up.

A little more leftfield, though, is a throwaway line that reveals the fleshbags will be hunted by "Predator dogs and Predator falcons". Because everyone loved the Hulk Dogs so much? The shot of a Predator maxing and relaxing in a Lay-Z-Boy from AvP: Requiem was too much; the thought of Predator pets is almost too spazzy to comprehend.

If there are Predator animals, that means the Predators need to domesticate them, which means that Predator pet shops exist, not to mention Predator pooper scoopers. Mind-boggling sci-fi, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not going to lie to you. I just came.

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