Muppets posters = instant happiness


3rd October 2011

Down about the weather/economy/Italian legal system? Bookmark this page for an instant jolt of happy: four new posters from The Muppets Movie. It's biologically impossible not to smile while viewing them.

I love The Muppets. I'm not even sure why. I wasn't around when they started out, I don't have a great affiliation with their movies and I don't own 'It's Not Easy Being Green' on lime green 7" vinyl. I think I just like knowing that they exist. That somewhere, a six year-old kid is completely losing his shit because Kermit is shaking his head around like a twat.

I have faith that Jason Segel treated The Muppets with the correct degree of reverence for the forthcoming movie - not released in the UK until froggin' February - even if sadsack Frank Oz claims the opposite is true. Maybe I'll see it, maybe I won't, but I like knowing I live in a world where little felt people are capable of delivering such unmitigated joy.

If these posters don't make you at least smile a little bit, I have bad news for you - you are most likely a villain in a Muppets movie and are about to have your life turned upside down via the medium of musical shenanigans and teamwork.

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