Neve Campbell signs for Scream 4


27th September 2009

Jobbing actress signs for unnecessary sequel to pay rent. In other news, the Earth continued to spin on its axis.

I was sort of hoping that Scream 4 would be one of those projects that would be speculatively mentioned in a company press release but quickly dismissed by all involved as a Very Bad Idea Indeed. I'm not joking when I say that the scariest thing in Scream 3 was Courtney Cox's haircut. Me-ow!

But alas, it looks like it's really happening, with Variety's news that Neve Campbell has signed on to reprise her role as danger-magnet Sidney. Courtney Cox-Arquette and husband David Cox-Arquette-Arquette will also return, while writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven look likely to provide the thrills (or not).

Scream 4 will reportedly be part of a new trilogy of Screams. Great. The first two movies were really fun, with Craven poking fun at his own films, tropes and techniques. What's he going to do this time? Poke fun at his own movies that poked fun at his own movies?

Too much poking, not enough stabbing, Wes. If this series got any more self-indulgent it'd start blowing itself.


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