New Freddy Kreuger clip


22nd April 2010

Here's a brand new clip taken from the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street and, by Wes Craven's beard, it still looks promising.

Sure, it's an unoriginal remake of a classic, but of all the horror icons in the 80s, I was always most shit scared of Freddy and this clip immediately taps into the 7-year-old in me that had to sleep with the light on for weeks afterwards.

My main gripe? With all the pics and trailers already released, I'm starting to feel that Kreuger is missing Robert Englund's corny villainy. Fair enough, it probably wouldn't sit right in 21st Century horror but Jackie Earle Haley lacks a certain charisma here, don't you think? He's intimidating, obviously but the guy just looks sore. Seriously dude, try some ointment or something, will ya?

Anyway, here's the clip and the most interesting of the released photos so far. God, I hope this film has something to offer than just a rehash of the original. Just like when I watched the first Nightmare on Elm Street as a kid, I'm a bit worried about falling asleep.

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