New poster for The Green Hornet is much more like it


16th October 2010

Worried about how little we've heard about Michel Gondry's superhero action movie, The Green Hornet? Maybe this new poster will reassure you. Maybe not. It's only a poster after all.

As far as out-there pitches go, a superhero action movie starring Seth Rogen and directed by famed Gallic weirdo Michel Gondry is certainly one of the more eyebrow-raising prospects in production. In fact, when I first heard of The Green Hornet, I was eating a croissant and went "Mwurr?" and spat loads of pastry on to my lap. A key bit of colour, I'm sure you'll agree.

Early buzz has been a little cruel, and since the movie was shunted back to the January dead zone as punishment (and to complete one of those fantastic 3D post-conversions), little has been uttered about it. Now, in the months running up to release, let's hope things turn around. This new poster from is certainly a step in the right direction. The message seems to be clear: the car's the star.

I hope I'm not alone in thinking Michel Gondry is one of the most creative, imaginative, mercurial directors currently working - okay, you can go ahead and add 'frustrating' to that list too - and that the idea of him working with an extra-dimension just might be mindblowing.

Of course, it could quite easily end up being total toss and Seth Rogen lost all that weight for nothing. Haw-haw.

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