New Scott Pilgrim clip premiered at MTV Movie Awards


8th June 2010

And it looks...I've already run out of positive adjectives for this film...'awesometacious'? Can we make that a word?

You really have to hand it to MTV Movie Awards. It may have let The Twilight Saga: New Moon walk away with no less than 5 awards, and held categories like 'Best WTF Moment' and 'Best Scared-As-Shit Performance', but it sure knows how to deliver an exclusive or two.

It's fair to say that the first and second trailers for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World have left internet fanboys and newcomers alike feeling on heat and hungry for more. And like a manipulative feeder, we now have Edgar Wright himself introducing a new clip that only leaves us feeling more indebted to his undeniable genius.

First of all, Cera critics can pipe down now - the kid looks surprisingly great in a fight. Secondly, Chris Evans, who so often straddles a fine line between lovable and annoying-as-fuck is actually on great form as his A-lister character, Lucas Lee.

Everything else is awesometacious. Just awesometacious.

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