News flash: Episode III still sucks


31st December 2010

Mr. Plinkett is back to bitch about Star Wars and eat pizza rolls, and he's all out of pizza rolls.

It blows my mind, but there are still people out there who think the Star Wars prequels aren't completely awful. They even hold up Revenge Of The Sith as being a good movie, justifying their stance by saying that its the best of the three. That's like saying getting punched repeatedly in the face by Cain Velasquez is better than getting kicked in the groin by a horse.

Anyway, Red Letter Media (based out of Milwaukee, WI; Cheeseheads represent!), the insane genius behind the epic reviews of Episodes I and II (and many more) is back with another stellar video review. Adopting the guise of diabetic serial killer Mr. Plinkett, he's now set his sights on the final chapter of the film series that put the final nail in the coffin of the Star Wars franchise.

While the Episode II review relied a bit too heavily on the hooker-killing humor, this one is much more focused on the film itself, and thus the best of the bunch by far. Over the course of nearly two hours, Plinkett offers up a brilliant deconstruction of the numerous reasons why the Prequels as a whole simply do not work.

Sure, he gets a bit nit-picky here and there, but he spends much more time examining the various ways the films fail from a purely cinematic viewpoint (his treatise on tone is particularly great).

You can watch the entire thing by clicking here or just, like, scroll down.

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