Nobody likes Captain Travolta


23rd March 2011

John Travolta has appeared in a flight safety video, smiling like a nob while standing in front of a plane. Think of the lives he's saved!

I've made my dislike of John Travolta clear several times - most of my bile was reserved for this article - but this new safety video for Qantas Air kind of sums up why. It opens with Travolta smiling his big, self-satisfied, doughy smile, as he reminds us (again) that he's a pilot, you know. Yeah? Well Sean Penn is one of the world's most gifted humanitarians, but he doesn't always go on about i-... ah, fair enough.

Not many people could inspire ire in me from 30 seconds of pleasant gibbering and general do-goodery, but Travolta managed it. I'm not the only one he's upset, either. Qantas staff have called the video "tacky" and "corny" and demanded that a real pilot should front the video; preferably one that didn't star in hilarious family comedy Wild Hogs.

Forgive my indulgence, but I'm about to quote myself: only I understand why I hate him so much, and this just about nails it.

"You just know that he makes his kids call him 'Captain Dad' and finds it hilarious to park his Boeing in the school car park when picking them up after class, his head sticking out the window, twirling his pilot's hat around like a goon."

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