Oh yeah, the Emmys happened, didn't they?

Ed Williamson

22nd September 2011

And they're like the biggest awards thing in TV, right? And what is it we do on this website again? Shit, it's TV, isn't it? Don't suppose you could let this one slide?

Yeah, sorry. The Emmys happened on Sunday and we ignored them completely. Still, you didn't miss much except Modern Family, Mildred Pierce and Mad Men winning everything in sight, and of course the now-common sight of Kate Winslet running and gushing a lot when accepting Best Leading Bird in a Thing or whatever.

I increasingly look for nothing on YouTube after awards shows other than the customary clip of Ricky Gervais saying something a bit 'near the knuckle'. True to form, here he is presenting Best Man Who Walks into a Room and Looks Around a Bit Before Suggesting a Game of Tennis or something like that. Think of him what you will, but the man's gone to America and made it pretty big without ever compromising his act, and the TV awards circuit would be a drab thing indeed without him. Don't ever change.

The Emmys are now a good opportunity for big Comic Relief-style collaborative clips too, and here's a skit based on The Office with a load of folk from other shows in it, which is actually pretty funny. Beats the lorryload of shitty imagination-void parody clips served up French and Saunders on Red Nose Day once a year anyway.

Kutcher. (*narrows eyes*) He's done it again. Not content with actually being quite likeable and intelligent on Letterman he's pretty funny in this, too. STOP MAKING ME LIKE YOU, KUTCHER. I don't have anything else.

Paz de la Huerta, famous for her role on Boardwalk Empire, but in truth far more famous for appearing naked on screen so often that had to take on extra staff, looked like this at the Emmys.

The fuck?

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