Partridge prophecy comes true

Ed Williamson

9th June 2012

I'm assuming hundreds of other places have reported this and made exactly the same connection I have, probably months ago. Can pretty much guarantee they've used the same final line as I have, too. But if I don't Google-search it, I won't know this for sure and the idea is therefore mine. They call that plausible deniability.

Alan Partridge, in 1997:

A Channel 4 press release from April:

Gordon Ramsay wants to send prisoners back to work and make them pay their way.

Each prisoner costs taxpayers a staggering £38,000 a year; that's more expensive than sending a child to Eton. And the number of prisoners in the UK has increased by over 17,000 in the last 10 years, placing a strain on public finances.

In this series, Gordon attempts to get prisoners working and paying something back into the system, while giving them the right skills to make them more employable on their release. He will serve his time in HMP Brixton and set up Bad Boys Bakery, training up a group of prisoners who are doing time for offences including theft, burglary and robbery.

Gordon is giving the prisoners the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification and then putting them to work in a pilot prison bakery business. ‘Learning and Earning' is the motto and it's the first honest day's work many of the prisoners have ever done.

By teaching them culinary skills, Gordon hopes to help the prisoners get a job in catering, and hopefully stop them getting into any more trouble on the outside. But Gordon soon discovers that setting up a business behind bars is no piece of cake.
Monkey tennis, anyone?

(Still not Google-searching it. Not even tempted.)

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