Resident Evil Afterlife poster: Milla Jovovich Matrixes out a window


13th June 2010

The fourth (!) Resident Evil movie has a new poster and its heroine has clearly been watching too much Matrix Reloaded. Once is enough.

The success of the Resident Evil franchise is a mystery that's baffled experts around the world; no one I know has ever actually watched one, or knows anyone who has watched one, but someone somewhere is enjoying them, because they keep making more of them. Resident Evil: Afterlife will be movie number four, and Paul WS Anderson is pro-actively planning a reboot. It's the zombie movie that just won't die.

This new poster gives you an idea of what to expect; women leaping out of windows with guns blazing. I'll definitely be upset if there isn't at least one scene of Milla Jovovich's character jumping out a window a la Trinity in The Matrix Reloaded. Scratch that, I'll be furious. I demand it.

Still, what's with poster designers completely being unable to 'do' legs properly? Recently we saw Joe Pesci on stilts in the Love Ranch poster, and last week we saw Jack Black's stubby little pins stink up the Gulliver's Travels poster. At least one of Milla's legs here looks grossly oversized. Maybe it was a... magic window? That's a thing, right?

Click image for full-size poster. Thanks to IGN for the pic.

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