Roland Emmerich officially runs out of ideas


13th November 2009

After making the disaster-movie-to-end-all-disaster-movies with 2012, you'd think Roland Emmerich would lay the genre to rest and challenge himself with a rom-com, or even just a music video. But no. Apparently he now wants to make two back-to-back sequels to Independence Day.

Talking in an interview for MTV, Emmerich claimed that he wanted to expand the story of Independence Day with two sequels and explore what has happened to the world 12-14 years after the events of the first film.

Not only that, but he is also planning on calling them ID4-Ever: Parts I and II, presumably in an attempt to appeal to the MTV audience by tapping into their text/graffiti literacy level.

Why not go with ID4: OMG and ID4: WTF? At least that will mirror the general public's reaction when they start seeing posters for these sequels up at bus stops.

Even better, it has been said that the two follow-on films will catch up with the main characters from the original Independence Day, and see how they cope as a new threat of alien invasion strikes Earth.

Erm...seen it.

Because of his oft-used cinematic device, ie the wanton destruction of all things known to man, Emmerich has often been accused of making what is essentially the same film several times in his career...but this will be the first time that can be said literally.

Between this and Ridley Scott's Monopoly movie, is this Hollywood prank week? Am I missing something?

In other news, it has been announced today that George Lucas is planning a new film called Space Battles.

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