Roland Emmerich to blow up Asimov's Foundation trilogy in 3D


12th February 2010

This could be too nerdy - even for you guys - but Roland Emmerich is confirmed to direct sci-fi supremo Isaac Asimov's epic Foundation trilogy, and in 3D to boot. In space, no one can hear you EXTREEEEEEME!

Frankly, sci-fi nerds can count themselves lucky that the work of writer Isaac Asimov has yet to be raped by Hollywood's creative tomb raiders. With the notable exceptions of I, Robot (Asimov merely got a 'suggested by' credit) and Bicentennial Man (one of moist-eyed camera hogger Robin Williams' more objectionable movies), Asimov's canon is too dense and complicated to be adapted to film. Well, it'd take one hell of a director to do it justice, anyway.

Or not. Apparently it was already known a month ago that Columbia had bought the rights to Asimov's Foundation trilogy, and that Roland Emmerich - der master auf disaster - was being positioned to direct. Well, turns out that's absolutely true, and Emmerich told MTV he'd be adapting the first three books in the series (Foundation, Foundation And Empire and Second Foundation) into 3D movies.

"Probably now all big movies have to be 3D. It's not only the effect of 3D, Avatar has just shown that if you do a movie in 3D, you can ask for more money and that's the trick."
At least he's honest. Foundation is a sci-fi series that spans 500 years and tells the story of a mathematician who figures out a complex system (called 'psychohistory') that can predict the future, but only on a massive scale. Two foundations are built in deep space to preserve humanity, where oh god even just reading it is giving me a headache. I'm sure Emmerich will throw in some earthquakes, extreme weather or sabretooth tigers in there somehow.

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