ROONEY MARA TOPLESS in Google-baiting poster shocker


3rd June 2011

This new poster for David Fincher's upcoming remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is pretty unremarkable, save for one detail: Rooney Mara is topless and you can almost see one whole entire boob!!1

Now, I'm probably the least qualified person in the world to comment on Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' series - I haven't seen any of the original Girl films, or read the books in any language. In fact, if you even asked me to identify Sweden on a map I'll most likely point at the big blue bit in the middle and make excited flushing motions. Like I said: idiot.

But such ignorance isn't going to stop me scrutinising a picture of a topless woman. Unfortunately the marketers have chosen angsty characterisation and tone over anything really saucy, so in short: it's pretty naff. Maybe someone who has read the books and seen the films and isn't an imbecile will appreciate it more - the tagline, the titular (tee-hee) tattoo, etc. Judge for yourself below.

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So is this how l33t haxors hack the planet nowadays - miserable and topless? Oh wait it was always that way, except now they can be girls too.

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