Sawyer from Lost in frame for possible Avengers role


1st June 2010

Son of a bitch!

Exciting news from the world of superheroes! (In other words, it's a real slow day and some comic-book nerd made up a rumour and put a question mark on it). Ex-Lost castaway Josh Holloway is reportedly being lined up by Marvel for a juicy role in The Avengers.

Depending on how much credence you give (well, their web address certainly seems legit...), Holloway is definitely being favoured for a superhero role now his Lost commitments are no more. But which roles are available? Let the guesswork... begin!

With most of The Avengers roles already filled, the one remaining member who doesn't have a name attached is Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man. His powers in a nutshell? He can grow super-big and super-small. Also, he beats his wife. Not our Sawyer: he's the con-man with a heart of gold!

So how about Hawkeye? He's the sharp-shooting archer who lost a bet and dresses in purple. A while back, The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner revealed he tried out for Hawkeye, and Holloway is similarly built and certainly cut from the same cloth. Unless they're planning on recasting the X-Men's Gambit (you know it'd work), our money's on Holloway slipping into mauve spandex.

The final possibility is that Holloway could play a SHIELD agent named Timothy 'Dum Dum' Dugan, whose special ability is wearing a bowler hat. Hur. You dorks are alright.

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