Sawyer out of being in Lost joining cast of Mission Impossible IV


28th September 2010

The cast of Mission Impossible IV is really coming together. Days after Dragon Tattoo journo Michael Nyqvist was cast as the baddie, lovable Lost rogue Josh Holloway has joined Team IMF.

I don't care what people say: I love Tom Cruise for his sheer boggle-eyed enthusiasm and fist-pumping insanity. Hence, I'm quite ruddy excited about Mission Impossible IV; not only because it's probably the only semi-respectable action franchise that's still chugging along (Bourne doesn't count), but because it's got a pretty awesome supporting cast, too.

Ving Rhames is back as 'the only black guy supporting character who doesn't die', as is Jeremy Renner as 'white guy who'll probably be a secret agent' and Simon Pegg as 'embarrassing comic relief'. Cruise and friends will now be joined by none other than Josh Holloway, the redneck who played Sawyer on Lost. No info is available on who he'll play, so we'll just call him 'southern guy who always comments on how he used to do things back home'.

Brad Bird will direct, Swedish actor Michael 'Mikael Blomkvist' Nyqvist will play the villain and it'll shoot in Dubai, Prague and, er, Vancouver. (*snigger*). No, seriously, stop it guys. They did a great job on the Olympics. The Winter Olympics. (*slide whistle*)

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