Seth MacFarlane reboots Family Guy, pretends it's Flintstones

Matt Looker

19th May 2011

The Flintstones are coming back to the small screen under the guidance of Seth McFarlane! Just imagine how much gag mileage he'll get out of the word 'Bedrock'. Giggity.

Yes, everyone's favourite animator who makes shows that are kind-of-really-funny-but-they've-been-on-a-long-time-now-and-to-be-honest-I've-lost-interest-besides-they'll-never-be-better-than-The-Simpsons is returning to make more of the same!

Because with the Flintstones, Seth gets to try his hand at making a cartoon about a fat idiot married to a hot wife. Except, this time it will be set in prehistoric times, which means it will look something like this:

Things to expect in the new Flintstones include:

  • Fred making insensitive racist comments about some indigenous tribes.

  • Barney trying to have sex with a gorilla, which will lead to a 'meh' joke about how this created AIDS.

  • Wilma saying "Fred!"

  • Fred making a 'withered cripple hand' joke about the size of a T-Rex's arms.

  • Bam-Bam trying week after week to kill Betty.

  • Pebbles being generally boring.

Can't wait to see how this one pans out (cancelled after third series only to be renewed indefinitely after overwhelming DVD sales prove that the show has an audience after all)!

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