Sherlock sticks BAFTA in pipe, smokes it

Ed Williamson

23rd May 2011

One thing I like about the BAFTA TV Awards is how none of them is called 'Best'� anything. What's more British than that? It's like sports day when the kid who turned up with no kit and had to run in his pants still got a prize because everyone's supposed to get treated the same. If that kid were here today and not strung out on glue in a car park stairwell somewhere, he'd tell you the BAFTA TV Awards 2011 winners are all after the jump.

Leading Actor
Daniel Rigby � Eric and Ernie

Leading Actress
Vicky McClure � This is England '86

Supporting Actor
Martin Freeman � Sherlock

Supporting Actress
Lauren Socha � Misfits

Entertainment Performance
Graham Norton � The Graham Norton Show

Female Performance in a Comedy Role
Jo Brand � Getting On

Male Performance in a Comedy Role
Steve Coogan � The Trip

Single Drama
The Road to Coronation Street

Drama Series

"Quickly, Watson! If we don't get there by eight, Hugh Bonneville will have scoffed all the sausage rolls!"

Drama Serial
Any Human Heart

Continuing Drama

The Killing

Factual Series
Welcome to Lagos

Specialist Factual
Flying Monsters 3D

Single Documentary
Between Life and Death

Hugh's Fish Fight

Current Affairs
Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children

News Coverage
ITV News at Ten: The Cumbria Murders

Formula 1 � The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

New Media
Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention

Entertainment Programme
The Cube

Comedy Programme
Harry and Paul

Situation Comedy

YouTube Audience Award
The Only Way is Essex
Very little to argue with there in any of the categories worth mentioning. Sherlock's a deserved winner in the Drama Series category, it being the best-acted, best-written and best-shot thing (ie it actually looks like it was made by Americans) made in Britain for years. Good to see Martin Freeman win for Supporting Actor too. Shame Benedict Cumberbatch (I know, too long: 'B-Cumb'� and 'Benny C-Batch'� are two ideas we're kicking around) didn't win Leading Actor, but the whole build-up was all about whether it would be him or Matt Smith so it seems BAFTA pulled the old switcheroo for the headlines.

I also can't help but endorse ITV News at Ten's nod for its coverage of the Derrick Bird murders in Cumbria. If there's anyone quite as expert as ITV when it comes to collaring obviously traumatised passers-by in the street and demanding: "Did you see the murders? DID YOU? Did you look into the cold, dead eyes of a KILLER? Cry tears for me!" then I've yet to see them in action.

Ah, they make you proud to be British, don't they? Sure, they're not the Oscars, or even the BAFTA Film Awards, but hey, they're ours. We know they're a bit shit, but try taking them away and we'll invade your country and lose to you at football.

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