Shrek fashion mag photoshoot is confusing, Zoolander-esque


15th April 2010

In one of the most idiotic PR stunts ever, Paramount gave the blessing for their Shrek characters to appear in a fashion mag photoshoot, later to discover that - shock horror - the pictures were a little provocative.

I wasn't planning to see Shrek Forever After because I'm not eleven and stupid, but after seeing the shots below from fashion magazine Vman, I'm sold. I can only assume the film itself features an equal amount of topless males in jumpers and string vest thingies.

According to Paramount, it was the magazine who approached them with the idea, but whichever drugged-up exec signed off on the deal wasn't happy with the results when he came down from his meth binge.

"While we do respect Vman's creative vision, the shoot did not turn out the way originally envisioned when the idea was first presented by the magazine," a Paramount spokesperson said. "In hindsight, we would have declined to include the Shrek characters in such a magazine spread."
Unless this is all some genius bluff and Paramount were counting on this story getting picked up, I can't imagine a less successful marketing campaign. It fails on both counts. Shrek's target market of mewling idiot babies are never going to see these pictures, and Vman's typical readership of closeted gay men are going to find this shoot pretty hard to jerk off to.

Click the images below for full-size pictures

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