Sneak peek at Predators


13th March 2010

Fox made us take the last sneak peek at Predators down, because of "copyright laws", whatever they are. Anyway, now there's an official behind the scenes video on YouTube. The Predator Dogs are revealed!

Why am I not more excited about Robert Rodriguez's Predators? Could it be the casting of office weirdo Adrien Brody as a military hardnut? Could it be the inclusion of Predator Dogs? Or could the presence of awesomely-named actor Mahershalalhashbaz Ali be making me feel inferior?

Who knows? Maybe it's because we've seen neither hide nor dreadlocked hair of Predators; not a single still or teaser trailer. (*adopts Voiceover Man drawl*) Until... today. (*plays atmospheric bongos*)

The movie's official website has been updated with a two-minute behind the scenes video, giving us our first (fleeting) glimpse at the titular monsters. In the clip below, you'll see the Predators in action, plus concept art for those Predator dogs we mentioned earlier. Also, Larry Fishburne is back in the jungle and he's super pissed. *

It's still hard to formulate an actual, valid opinion, but this is certainly a start - you've gotta love that final shot of Brody covered in three-point Predator targets. And hey, any director named 'Nimrod' has to try extra-hard at everything in life.

* It only occured to me after writing this that "Larry Fishburne is back in the jungle" could be construed as being rather racist. Obviously I was referring to his appearance in Apocalypse Now. You massive racist.

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