Sony won't back Moon for an Oscar


1st January 2010

Officially the fourth best movie of the year, according to some poll or something, Duncan Jones' superb sci-fi Moon won't be supported by studio Sony for an Oscar. (*shakes fist at heavens*)

I will never understand movie studio politics, nor do I trust a word movie studios say. We're forever hearing that piracy is killing the industry, yet Hollywood has had another record year, making over $10 billion in ticket sales. Happy new year indeed.

Now, according to Moon director Duncan Jones on Twitter, Sony's indie arm Sony Pictures Classics have refused to get behind their own movie and won't officially support the film in the run up to the Oscars in March. Does not compute? Does not compute.

The official excuse? According to Jones, it's not, like, that they don't want to and stuff, but, like, they just don't have the resources, or whatever.

"They say it costs too much for our little film as they would need to be water-marked copies as our DVD isn't out yet in the US... We've knocked heads. They have chosen the films they are backing and we are not in their plans."
I can understand studios putting most of their weight behind their bigger pictures, but I can't comprehend a studio fobbing off the director of one of their strongest contenders with a bullshit excuse. If Sony can afford to send a screener of cooking romcom Julie & Julia across the Atlantic to little old me, they can raid Best Buy for a few extra Moon screeners. Not enough copies of the DVD to send out? Make some more. You're Sony.

While Moon would admittedly be a longshot for a Best Picture nomination, Jones has been conducting an online campaign to see Sam Rockwell nominated for Best Actor, which I could certainly get behind. If you're talking about sheer screentime and workload, no one did better work than Rockwell this year.

Sign the petition and do your bit - it's a bit like giving to charity only it's free and you don't have to think about starving kids and that.

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