Spider-Man 4 due in May 2011


16th September 2009

With the nightmares of a jiving Toby Maguire thankfully fading, we can now look forward to the next instalment of the Spider-man franchise. The webslinger's fourth big screen outing has been given an official release date of 5 May 2011.

With Sony announcing that the film will hit IMAX as well as regular cinemas, it was also confirmed that, along with Sam Raimi back at the helm and Tobey Maguire back in the tights, Kirsten Dunst will also reprise her role as the slapped-arse-faced Mary Jane Watson.

Other details regarding the movie are, unsurprisingly, slim on the ground. We know that filming is expected to start in January 2010, and Gary Ross, writer and director of those other Maguire-starrers Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, is currently re-writing the script.

Spidey regular Bruce Campbell has also said that he has a "major part" in the new film but, frankly, knowing the Chin's fondness for stringing fans along, we can't really believe anything that unscrupulous rogue says.

As for who will provide the supervillainry, it's pure speculation at the moment. Peter Parker's university lecturer, Dr Curt Connors is due to turn into The Lizard sometime soon, but can one traditional foe compete with the three-pronged attack of the lacklustre Spider-Man 3?

No doubt, Raimi will have a personal slant for Peter Parker and he will base the movie's baddie around this. Let's just hope that, in doing so, he avoids the kind of plot-holes and uber-silliness that led to things like "The butler knew Spidey wasn't to blame all along" - D'oh!.

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