Spooks to finish after the next series. Or is it?

Matt Looker

12th August 2011

Because I've been watching the show long enough to know that you can't trust a damn thing anyone says.

It has been announced that Spooks will finish for good with the new series due to air in September, after being on TV for 10 years. This sucks for me because, despite everyone telling me I should watch it from day 1, I only started a couple of years ago and was just starting to get into it.

Production company Kudos announced:

It was a very difficult decision to make. But we didn't want to get to the point where the BBC said, 'We don't really want another one', we wanted to kill it off in its prime.
Well that's novel at least - actually ending a show in its prime. And, when you think of it, perhaps that explains why shit like One Tree Hill is still going.

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