Star Wars gets a remake!


15th April 2010

Wait, relax! It's just a fan's film project. Oh, I see. You're right, that headline is misleading.

Welcome to Star Wars Uncut, an interactive art project in which the organisers divided Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope into 472 segments, each 15 seconds long, and invited fans to pick one to recreate.

After nearly a year of receiving entries, the scenes have now been edited together to make a faithful, if extremely disjointed, reproduction of the original film, and it is now due to premiere at a Copenhagen film festival next week, with screenings to follow.

Awesome, eh? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it sounds like a fun idea. No, because you might as well be watching two hours' worth of very short YouTube clips of other people trying to be funny. Oh look, Chewie's a Lego he's a man with fur taped onto his he's someone's Alsatian...etc, etc. (Still it'll probably better than the sitcom, right?)

Either way, the footage seems to have divided fans who are calling it both 'genius' and 'retarded' in equal measure. Check out the trailer below and make up your own mind. Personally, I'm sitting here with a t-shirt on that says: "I'm with the 'retardeds'". But that's just a coincidence.

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