Star Wars IX to be filmed "a long time ago" and "in a galaxy far, far away"

Matt Looker

1st February 2016

Following on from director Colin Trevorrow's recent revelation that he wants to film Star Wars Episode IX "in space", he has also just announced that he plans to make the film "a long time ago" and "in a galaxy far, far away" making it unclear at the moment whether or not he can tell the difference between reality and fiction.

When asked to clarify his comments, Trevorrow simply replied by singing the classic John Williams Star Wars theme at the top of his voice until he drowned out all questions about the feasibility of his plans.

It will be an interesting new direction for the franchise, which despite its story setting, has always been filmed on earth and in the period current at the time, but Trevorrow's insistence that Star Wars should shoot in space, as well as a certain length of time ago and in another distant galaxy will certainly please fans looking for more authenticity in their sci-fi space adventures.

There's no news yet as to how many years ago Trevorrow is planning to film Ep IX, nor indeed which galaxy he has chosen for the location. Neither has there been any details released about how he plans to get to either with his considerable cast and crew. No doubt we will hear more as the story progresses and work on space shuttles and time machines gets underway.

One thing's for sure, by filming in space, a long time ago, and in a galaxy far, far away, Episode IX will shit all over Episodes I-VIII which will have all merely pretended to do the same.

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