Star Wars sitcom not so far, far away


7th April 2010

Because George Lucas isn't done milking the cash-bantha just yet.

Like many a lightsaber-wielding fanboy, my ears still always prick up at news concerning the holy trilogy (and even the holey prequels) and, like many a lightsaber-wielding fanboy, upon hearing the news, I end up with my head in my hands, sobbing uncontrollably, crying "Why, Lord? WHY?"

Here's the latest from Planet Lucas: A Star Wars sitcom. Really? I'm picturing six 20-something stormtroopers hanging out at a coffee place on the Death Star. Or 'The Cantina - Where Everybody Knows Your Name'.

Actually, it seems the show will be animated. That gets a big "Nooooooo! Do not want!" from me. It is, however, going to involve Robot Chicken creators/writers Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich, which has me slightly more interested.

For those that haven't seen them, Robot Chicken has produced a couple of shows full of sketches parodying the Wars and they're often hilarious. Writing a show from scratch based within the Star Wars universe though? I'm not sure it will work.

Still, here's my bid for first scene:

(VADER is sitting on a comfy sofa in his Death Star quarters reading a copy of The Coruscant News. He waves his finger across the paper and the page turns by itself. Audience laughs. In walks THE EMPEROR to much applause.)

THE EMPEROR: (annoyed) Dammit Darth, did you force-choke Mr Leonard's pet Womp rat?

(Audience chuckles)

VADER: He left a doody in my boot!

(Audience cries with laughter)

THE EMPEROR: Well, that's just great. Mr Leonard is demanding we buy him a new one, but they cost 400 galactic credits. Where are we supposed to find that kind of money?

(Audience says "Uh-oh!")

VADER: Wait, this paper has an advert for a Talent Contest right here on the Death Star! First prize... 400 galactic credits!

(THE EMPEROR lifts a finger and the paper yoinks out of Vaders grip and into his hands.)

THE EMPEROR: Oh, this is too easy...

(Audience breaks out into applause, whooping and cheering, etc)

George, I await your call. In the meantime, here's some Robot Chicken stuff.

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