The Final Destination fail: Final Destination 5 now even more final


18th March 2010

Thought last year's The Final Destination was the final Final Destination? Wrong. Final Destination 5 is way more final than The Final Destination. And that's final. Although obviously it's not.

Do you love watching snuff movies? You're in luck! Warner Bros have revealed that the definitively titled The Final Destination wasn't definitive at all, and the title was all a bit of a joke. A bit like Final Fantasy and Final Fight. Still laughing at those.

No, Final Destination 5 is in the works. Why? Because the story still has places to go? No. Because they have new, imaginative ways to kill sexy teens? Possibly. The official reason, given by Warner Bros head Alan Horn at ShoWest, is far more sickening:

"We just can't resist."
Bullshit-o-meter translation:

"We really like money."
Horn then proceeded to throw open a treasure chest full of dollar bills and started stuffing them into his mouth like Cookie Monster, making an 'Om nom nom' sound to the assembled journalists' horror.

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