These In Time digital postcards are in-ticing (enticing)


29th September 2011

Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried wish you were here...

I am fascinated by In Time. Purely for the reason that it features one of the most ludicrous plots ever conceived. And it might just work. For the uninitiated, In Time sees Justin Timberlake running about in a future where people live past the age of 25 depending on how many 'life credits' they can afford. Of course this means poor people die young and rich people live the longest, turning them into instant villains. Also they don't appear to age, because if you can stop your life clock then obviously you wouldn't physically decay too, or something. Erm. Look, I didn't write it.

The reason for my excitement is that it reminds me of those batshit insane sci-fi movies you find tucked away on BBC2. Gloriously unhinged films like Logan's Run, where people can choose to be 'renewed' at the age of 30 and continue living in a utopia or flee to live a longer life as future-gypos, or Time After Time, in which H.G. Wells uses his time machine to hunt down Jack The Ripper in 1970s Los Angeles. Because Jack The Ripper also has a time machine, see. Erm. Look, it stars Malcolm McDowell.

Relax, history. Malcolm McDowell has got this one.

Point is; like all good sci-fi, In Time has a foot in the door of the human condition, and that can go a long way towards forgiving shonky effects and wooden acting. Speaking of which, Justin Timberlake is the most worrying element as he doesn't have the presence a leading man should have. He's no Michael York. We'll find out if JT can carry a film by himself in November, when In Time hits cinemas. Or you could wait 20-30 years to see if my prediction of a future cult-hit-in-the-waiting comes true.

In the meantime, here are some 'digital postcards' to set the tone. Feel free to print them out and send to your friends and loved ones, to remind them of their freedom to live a long life full of gradually deteriorating health and increasing obsoletion.

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