Tim Burton jumps on the vampwagon


7th December 2009

Tim Burton has his next film lined up after the release of Alice In Wonderland...and it's about vampires. Of course it is. Why would anyone want to make a film about anything else?

The film in question will be an adaptation of Dark Shadows, a soap opera about vampires that ran on US telly in the '60s. Nope, me neither. It also featured time travel and parallel universes. Sounds awesome. And by 'awesome', I mean 'what the f---?'

Burton himself has been circling the project for ages and had previously stated that it won't be ready for a while but now producer Graham King has said that everything's in place and shooting will begin in September/October.

And guess who's set to star. Clue: It ain't Marky Mark and a funky bunch of monkeys. It is, of course, the Deppster, who not only claims that the main character in Dark Shadows was a "childhood obsession" of his, but is also biologically preconditioned to appear in as many Burton flicks as possible.

Odds are on now as to how Burton will shoehorn in a role for his missus, Helena Bonham Carter. I'm guessing she'll play either the main female lead or 'third sacrificial virgin from the left' depending on how spotless Tim's gothic mansion looks the morning of casting.

I suppose this is a step in the right direction for the wonderful tortured genius-freak. Johnny Depp can add another kooky, comic-like character to his repertoire without even trying, but a return to the gothic for Burton will be a welcome change from bubblegum colours and animation.

Here's to you, o' frazzly-haired one. Show 'em how it should be done.

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