Today I learned: Kirsten Dunst and McG made a J-pop video


14th March 2012

TIL is a regular-ish item where we reveal how little we know about the magical world of movies, by showing you stuff you've probably seen before elsewhere. Basically it's an excuse to post old news. In that spirit; here's a video from 2009 of Kirsten Dunst prancing about dressed like Sailor Moon or some creepy shit like that.

The internet says what you just saw is Kirsten Dunst singing "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors, for a McG/Takashi Murakami art installation called "Akihabara Majokko Princess" that was displayed in the Tate Modern as part of a 'Pop Life' exhibition in 2009, and again at a later exhibition in Ottawa, Canada. Thanks, internet.

Troy from Community says it better:

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