Toot toot here comes Mad Max!


13th January 2012

Disclaimer: I know nothing about cars or Mad Max.

In case you weren't already aware; a new Mad Max film provisionally titled Mad Max: Fury Road has been in development for some time now, with series helmer George Miller provisionally set to direct, and Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron provisionally attached to star. You can tell how provisional everything is due to the all-knowing IMDB knowing precisely dick-all about anything, not even hazarding a guess at a year of release:

Or maybe they're holding off paying admin fees right now in case the Mayans were right

But thanks to Australian news website The Age, we've been afforded our first look at some of the cars Max & pals will be driving down a provisionally furious road, after a crafty snapper spotted the vehicles being shipped to a location in South Africa. I actually wrote this bit before seeing the pictures, so just pretend when you look at them below I'm standing near you, feigning surprise so it seems like a more momentous occasion than it really is. Ready? Now:

Hooray! Woo! Etc. Ok, so they're blurry cameraphone pictures, and I'm pretty sure the green transporter isn't in the film (unless it's a really lame attempt at a constructobot) but it's something... right? Right?

Oh, and I lied - I do remember one thing about Mad Max:

*dances around living room* You tell 'em, Tina!

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