Tron Legacy DVD featurette makes movie 6% better


13th March 2011

A short featurette that bridges the two-decade gap between Tron and sequel Tron Legacy has appeared online, and it's probably just as watchable as either films, despite being 10x shorter.

Much like the rest of the world, I thought Tron Legacy was a big, bloated mess: an impeccably-presented, cutting-edge film and one that contained the bare bones of a potentially brilliant concept, but a hot mess is still a mess. It's the kind of film that's better off being used as a demo reel for expensive televisions. It looks and sounds absolutely incredible, just don't... y'know, watch it or anything.

That said, this 10-minute featurette from the forthcoming Tron Legacy DVD, entitled The Next Day, does give a little more insight into what happened between the two movies and what the 'Legacy' is that the sequel's title refers too. Watching it won't make Michael Sheen's performance any less hammy, but it might answer one of the other 1,892 questions you left the cinema muttering under your breath.

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