Tron Legacy sequel in the works


7th April 2010

They waited 28 years to make the sequel to the first Tron movie. Now that sequel has a sequel in production before it has even been released. Boy those lightcycles are fast! NeeeeeeeeooooOOOOOWWWW!

Disney are currently convulsing over test footage from Tron Legacy and are apparently so sure of the movie's success that they've already given Tron 3 the green light.

The Hollywood Reporter's Heatvision blog claim that writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz - who have penned episodes of Lost and been mistaken for Beastie Boys - are already working on a follow-up to Legacy, which is due for release itself in December 2010.

As for detail, you're going to have to sing for it; little is known about Tron Legacy, much less this follow-up. But with writers of Lost working on the screenplay, you can guarantee that absolutely none of the questions posed in the entire franchise will have satisfying resolutions. Also, it turns out they are the island.

Whatever. I hope they find room for a cameo from Tron Guy. Seems like the internet forgot about this little dweeb, when really, this should be his time to shine. Literally.

Note the confusing cyber-camel toe

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