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26th June 2012

One clever sort has cobbled together all of the available promotional material for The Amazing Spider-Man and made a 25-minute mini-movie. Yeah, this pretty much covers it.

Much like the wag who sifted through the mountains of online Prometheus promos to sketch out a plot (around 75% accurate I reckon), vimeo user SleepySkunk has been busy crafting his own masterpiece. The Amazing Spider-Man isn't out for a week or so, but this 25-MINUTE edit of every single trailer, clip and featurette basically covers all the major story beats.

Spoilers apply, but if you couldn't figure that out already then you deserve to have your life spoiled.

Having seen The Amazing Spider-Man a few weeks back, I can tell you you're not missing all that much in between. There's a few more wisecracks, a bit more swinging and about three seconds of Andrew Garfield pulling a confused face. That's about it. I'll be putting my review up on Thursday this week so you can get the full picture then. I'll be posting a quarter of my review before so you can be suitably teased.

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