Watch This: Him & Her


6th September 2010

One day, I'll be getting previews of these shows so I can advise you on what to watch based on more than gut feeling and hope. And read this fast, Him & Her starts on BBC Three in about an hour.

Him & Her seems like some more BBC Three "youth" programming, its working title (Young, Unemployed and Lazy) certainly seems to typify today's Jeremy Kyle watching, state-sponging, 20-somethings.

Steve (Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solimani) are a couple deeply in love who live together in Steve's crusty, crust-ridden bedsit and would like nothing more than to have the world bugger off so they can spend eternity having sex, naps and pizzas. Preferably somehow all at once. Their contentment is ruined only by their neighbour Dan and Becky's sister Laura, two people who for some inexplicable reason rely on these two layabouts for emotional support.

If you thought Seinfeld was a show about nothing, you ain't seen... well, nothing. Each episode is a real time snapshot of their lives; toilet breaks and all. The reason I hold out much hope for this otherwise tedious sounding show is that it is written by one Stefan Golaszewski, one of my favourite comedy people.

As part of the vastly under appreciated comedy troupe Cowards, Golaszewski has been being clever and funny on TV and radio for years; his plays are touching, funny and real and he has an ability to see beauty in banality and make the humdrum touching.

I'm putting my faith in his pen, and Tovey's endearing puppy dog face, otherwise this could just be a mess of poo and scratching.

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