What these new pics tell us about David Fincher's Lisbeth Salander


13th January 2011

More photos have surfaced of Rooney Mara as the new Lisbeth Salander and they're punky, provocative and...well...posed. This is exactly how I imagined Lisbeth would look if she were modelling Diesel clothing. Way to stick it to the man, Salander.

After only just releasing the first image of Fincher's new Girl, W Magazine - which I like to think stands for 'wack' - have spent their load with this array of wonderful promo shots for the Stieg Larsson remake. But what do these tell us of the character, Lisbeth Salander?

Lisbeth Salander is tiny. She looks like a child trying to play on a grown-up's bike. Just out of shot are a set of spiked and studded stabilisers. Also, she seems to think that a Jewish skull cap is adequate for use as a safety helmet. Remember kids - it's not. She's just really punk.

Lisbeth Salander needs a zip fly on the front of her leather trousers. Master hacker and she can pee standing up? Larsson really has created a uniquely complex and intriguing character. I'm guessing this comes in handy for the 2nd film, The Girl Who Put Out A Fire.

Lisbeth Salander still has dreams. Sure, she may be a borderline autist with a photographic memory and sociopathic tendencies, but sometimes a girl just wants to put on a cute outfit and pirouette the night away.

Lisbeth Salander has 8 different hairstyles all in one. Count 'em. There's the Mohawk, a slight mullet, an that a dreadlock? I don't think any of this is her real hair. Instead, she has just cut different bits off the heads of no-good men and stuck them to her scalp with super glue. Crazy.

Lisbeth Salander gets cold. You may think that when you're outside in the snow without a top on, you'd feel a bit chilly, but not like Lisbeth. No, she's vulnerable underneath her edgy clothes. We just can't tell that normally because she's usually wearing them.

Lisbeth Salander gets her arse tattooed. Obviously, when you're as controversial as Lisbeth, you have many piercings and tattoos, but what do you get inked on your butt if you already have an elaborate dragon taking up your whole back? My guess is that she has a 'W' tattooed on each cheek so that when she bends over it spells 'WOW'.
So I think we can all agree that these photos actually reveal quite a lot about David Fincher's new angle on the Millennium Trilogy. Soon enough, I'm sure we'll see a similar set of promos for Daniel Craig who, as writer Mikael Blomkvist, will no doubt pose completely naked apart from a towel around his shoulders and a biro tucked behind his ear.

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