Will Smith to be Fresh President in Independence Day sequels


1st October 2010

Roland Emmerich has been talking up his return to the Independence Day franchise and has dropped a couple of barely susceptible hints that Will Smith might have finally got into The White House.

I'm of the mind that if you can do something well, you should keep doing it. That's why Michael Bay gets the green light to continue making shit action movies, Clint Eastwood is a dab-hand at Oscar bait tragi-dramas and Roland Emmerich is allowed to continue attempting to destroy the world. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or, in Emmerich's case, if it ain't broke, break it.

After 2012 ended the world with a whimper and not a bang, the director almost instantly returned to the comfort blanket of one of his more successful franchises and immediately began discussing the possibility of making Independence Day II & III back to back. We'll overlook the fact he wants to call them ID4-Ever Parts I & II for now.

I certainly don't begrudge Emmerich another crack at the alien invasion whip, because - flaws aside - the first Independence Day was so damn entertaining. 'Welcome to Earth' indeed! He can't speak English, Will Smith: he's an alien! He can't understand you!

Talking to MTV, Emmerich revealed some pretty far out ideas.

"It's an alternate reality kind of movie... We pick up the story, what would have happened after this kind of attack? Naturally, the alien technology has changed everything."
Cool, huh? At the very least, it'd be an alien invasion scenario we haven't seen before: what happens after the clean-up. But what of leading man Captain Hillard? Is Will Smith returning, and in what capacity? Sit tight. When asked if The White House would be rebuilt and who would be President, Emmerich replied in a cryptic fashion:

"Or, who will be President? Who will be President? See?"
Those italics aren't even ours - I tried to take them out, but they wouldn't budge. Those Germans aren't known for their subtlety, are they? I'd have no trouble with Will Smith in The White House, but only if there's room for Jazzy Jeff in the cabinet. I nominate him for Secretary of Awesome Handshakes.

You've got competition, Jazz

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