X-Men: First Class pics and posters - fanboy outrage round-up


20th January 2011

In the past few days, new X-Men: First Class images have been bouncing around the interweb faster than Rubberman on a sugar high. Here are all the pics so far, complete with typically unreasonable fanboy outrage commentary.

Badly Photoshopped banner

Fanboy outrage: Well, it looks like Marketing Joe from Super-comglomerate Studios has used a body template and just superimposed each character's head on in turn - some of them don't even seem to join together with their necks. And why is Beast skulking at the back like an evil molester? Aren't their costumes a little too modern-looking? This is supposed to be the 60s! And why is Emma Frost dressed like a hooker?

Chat Show with Kevin Bacon

Courtesy of the LA Times
Fanboy outrage: Sebastian Shaw is supposed to be the ruthless head of the villainous Hellfire Club - why does he look like he's sipping martinis and discussing the forthcoming release of his new autobiography? And is there going to be any part of this film where Emma Frost ISN'T showing cleavage?
If we concentrate, we might be able to teleport

Courtesy of the LA Times
Fanboy outrage: What are they staring at? Is this the grounds for what will become Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? Who's the tall nerd at the back? Aren't they cold? They look cold.
Boring 'teaser' poster

Fanboy outrage: Great. An 'X'. How original. Why couldn't the first teaser poster be of Beast's wicked cool smackdowns? Or some awesome laser powers and stuff? Why is it always just an 'X'? Yawn!
Pawn stars

Courtesy of the LA Times
Fanboy outrage: This isn't right - Magneto looks smug and confident, while Xavier looks troubled. If this were a real-life comic-book chess game, Xavier would be all over it! He'd be like "That's 'check'...oh, AND 'mate', beyatch!". There's no way Magneto could beat Professor X at chess. That's why he's so mad to begin with.
Professor X will melt your mind thoughts

Courtesy of /Film
Fanboy outrage: This is all very well, but you can't actually see Xavier's power, can you? It just doesn't look as cool as everyone else's. Why, though, is he wearing a tramp's gloves? And when is he going to go bald? He has a full head of hair in every one of these pics. He had better go bald in this film.
I've shrunk my own hand

Courtesy of /Film
Fanboy outrage: Where do I start? Wearing the too-modern X-men costume, but with a grey helmet instead of the traditional red? This is all wrong. And what's happened to his hand? Has some mutant withered it into a Jeremy Beadle-like flipper? That was never in the comics.
Expect more photos and images as and when they are released. A trailer is currently promised to be broadcast during this year's Superbowl (in a couple of weeks). Ever think they premiere these superhero film trailers during the Superbowl to try to get fanboys to watch sports? Just a thought.

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