X-Men: First Class swaps one hottie for another


18th August 2010

When I say that researching for these pictures is the best part of my day, I'm really, really not lying.

Yet more casting news on the X-Men: First Class front: Alice Eve's breasts will now not be appearing as proto-mutant Emma Frost. Instead, Mad Men's January Jones will be slipping into Frost's revealing outfits.

I've never seen Mad Men, but I have seen Christina Hendricks, and I like what I see here, so Amazon can consider my box set order as good as placed. Plus I secretly fancy Jon Hamm, too. He is so dashing!

In other X-Men: First Class news, child actors have been hired to play the young versions of the young versions of the characters. Zoe Kravitz will play Angel (probably not the hunky pants model of X3 you're thinking of), while Morgan Lily will play mini-Mystique.

Finally, Bill Milner of Son Of Rambow fame will play a young, young Magneto. He's great, because he's 15 but his name is Bill. I follow him on Twitter. Is that weird? It's weird, isn't it.

Back to the news at hand. Gentlemen, I've prepared a visual comparison for you below in order to beter gauge your opinion on this crucial casting issue. Which would you 'do'? On the left, we have January Jones. On the right, Alice Eve. Oh, Sophie's Choice!

I love my job.

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