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  • iDunno...

    Movie Trailer | Luke | 7th January 2013

    Just when you'd given up on seeing a film starring Rob Schneider, Lindsay Lohan and Adrien Brody, along comes InAPPropriate Comedy. Directed by the ShamWow! guy, no less! It's literally a comedy for our ages because the word 'app' is capitalised in the title! 2013 is shaping up to be a vintage year for cinema, guys! I have no opinion either way on Michelle Rodriguez.

  • Srsly, Detachment credits?

    Movie Feature | Ed Williamson | 23rd December 2012

    Detachment: a dark, melancholic essay on America's crumbling public school system, encompassing themes of death, loneliness and parental abuse. Maybe he did some uncredited cinematography on it.

  • Detachment

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 11th July 2012

    'Elegiac': one of those words of whose meaning you've never quite been certain, but you're fairly sure you'd know the thing it describes when you saw it. Now, I reckon Detachment is pretty elegiac. It certainly felt like it. The word kept popping into my head the whole time I was watching it. So bear with me for 900 words or so while I try to figure out whether it was, then I'll look it up. Oh, and if the promise of a dictionary definition's not enough for you, this is one of the best films I've seen all year. Just saying.

  • Competition: Win Splice on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 29th November 2010

    Win Splice on DVD: it's a genetics horror so good, we didn't review it first time around because the appropriate superlatives hadn't been invented yet. They have been invented now, we just can't be bothered.

  • Predators

    Movie Review | Ali | 7th July 2010

    The first thing any writer must do when they begin to pen their latest action odyssey is probably sigh, and resign themselves to the fact that, whatever film they end up writing, it won't be half as good as Predator. What Robert Rodriguez has done, by adapting his original 1994 script (written before both AvP debacles), is turn that theory on its head intentionally: with Predators, it almost seems like he's tried to make a movie exactly half as good as Predator. And that's fine by me.

  • The Brothers Bloom

    Movie Review | Chris | 7th June 2010

    With The Brothers Bloom, writer/director Rian Johnson (Brick) firmly cements his reputation as one of the most original and daring cinematic voices of his generation.

  • New Predators trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 19th March 2010

    At last, the first trailer for this Adrien Vs Predator nonsense has arrived and, against all odds, it actually looks pretty cool.

  • Predators poster reveals Beadle hand

    Movie News | Matt | 15th March 2010

    Watch out, Vagina-face is about.

  • Sneak peek at Predators

    Movie News | Ali | 13th March 2010

    Fox made us take the last sneak peek at Predators down, because of "copyright laws", whatever they are. Anyway, now there's an official behind the scenes video on YouTube. The Predator Dogs are revealed!

  • Adrien Brody signs up for Predators

    Movie News | Matt | 7th October 2009

    Adrien Brody is the latest actor to be signed up for Robert Rodriguez's Predators remake. In my mind, that makes the film half sci-fi horror and half Holocaust allegory with Danny Trejo as a kick-ass Mexican Nazi. I don't think that's right though.