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  • This is the official Mexican poster for Lee Daniels' The Butler

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 5th October 2013

    Not sure what my favourite bit is: the cluster of presidential force ghosts, the creepy tree/dead spider in the top left or the fact that I can't help reading the title in the voice of Bumblebee Man from The Simpsons. (via IMP)

  • Die Hard Week: 50 things you probably didn't know about Die Hard

    Movie Feature | Ali | 11th February 2013

    Everyone loves Die Hard. Personally, I've seen it over three times (four). It's one of those once-in-a-generation iconic action movies that's so kickass you can't help but adore it. But did you know the Die Hard movies are as fascinating as they are explosive? To get Die Hard Week started, here are 50 bits of amazing Die Hard trivia that prove just that.

  • Alice In Wonderland 3D

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th February 2010

    Stop me if you've heard this one before. A literary adaptation by Tim Burton, set in a twisted, multi-coloured alternate universe, starring Johnny Depp as a borderline weirdo and Helena Bonham Carter as a loud-mouthed, pasty-faced kook. Sound familiar?

  • Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th July 2009

    First, an admission: I've not read the Harry Potter books. Go ahead: take me out back and shoot me. I've seen the films and enjoyed them as passing distractions, but never felt obliged to comment, given that they're so clearly aimed at the hardcore fans - trying to review them would be like pretending to support a football team ...

  • Snow Cake

    Movie Review | Ali | 8th September 2006

    Never let it be said I don't have a sensitive side: listing all of the films I've cried at would put a rather heavy strain on the internet's resources and in all probability exceed my bandwidth limitation for the month. The point is, I like my tender moments as much as I like my asteroid movies and although I draw the line at s...

  • The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

    Movie Review | Ali | 16th May 2005

    University has taught me well. One educational pearl that has been bestowed upon me by my journalism course thus far is this: before you start anything, plan what you're going to do first by writing down a few key words and phrases. Thank you very much higher education, I'd never have figured that out myself. Nonetheless, it's...