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  • Defiance

    Movie Review | Kirsty | 12th January 2009

    The story of the Bielski brothers and their resistance movement is not a famous one and isn't taught in GCSE history like Oskar Schindler's, despite the fact that they were responsible for the survival and protection of a similar number of Jews during WWII. Defiance, co-written and directed by Oscar-winner Edward Zwick, is the f...

  • The Mist

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd July 2008

    First of all, forget any lingering thoughts you might have of the recent remake of John Carpenter's The Fog: the only thing it has in common with The Mist is shitty weather. Adapted from the Stephen King novel and released in November in the US, it's been awaiting a UK release for months - countries like Estonia, Latvia and even...