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  • Miss Sloane

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 13th May 2017

    You have to feel for anyone brave enough to release a political movie in this day and age, where even the 24-hour news cycle feels insufficient enough to get a handle on current events. Miss Sloane, from Brit director John Madden, is not explicitly about U.S. government per se - there are two ideologically opposing political parties though neither are named - but it is impossible to watch without viewing it through the lens of post-truth politics. Slick as it is, Miss Sloane is about a huckster lobbyist who can lie, cheat and talk her way out of anything - and she's the hero! However, if you can tune out the Kellyanne Conway-isms and mentally frame it as a romanticised throwback to political potboilers of old, when corruption was something that happened in underground car parks and not in broad daylight, then there's lots to enjoy.

  • The Newsroom records first-ever TV instance of woman not wearing make-up to bed

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 2nd September 2013

    This has literally never once happened before in TV or film. Every woman in the history of the moving image has gone to bed fully made-up, and woken up with it still immaculately applied. The Newsroom's Maggie Jordan today advanced the cause of women on TV by exactly 9.6 years, according to my Feminism Calculator. Hey, wait a second, this is just a Mattel Barbie cash register with a sticker of Ellen DeGeneres on it!

  • Goon

    Movie Review | Rob | 2nd January 2012

    Ice hockey sits pretty atop my 'If I was an American high-schooler, I'd definitely think about playing it' list. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't appear to share my enthusiasm for needless icy bloodlust. There have been plenty of American football, baseball and basketball movies, but when it comes to ice hockey, what do we have? Slap Shot? That's 35 years old. The Mighty Ducks? Pfft, Goon would smash its teeth in and down a beer in celebration.