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  • Unbroken

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 28th December 2014

    Arguably my generation doesn't know it's born, but it's not that I'm unmoved by tales of World War Two heroism. If anything they serve as a reminder that millions sacrificed their lives for my freedom and now I'm making dick jokes on the internet. I do think these stories deserve to be treated without recourse to emotional manipulation, though. Unbroken might have been a quiet examination of determination and the human spirit, but overshoots in trying to emphasise how inspirational it is.

  • Maleficent

    Movie Review | Becky Suter | 28th May 2014

    Getting over your first love can be tricky. When your heart has been torn from your chest and ripped to pieces in front of you by the cruel hand of fate (or by your childhood sweetheart), it's easy to believe that true love only exists in fairytales, particularly when you're standing outside their house at 2am, barefoot and screaming "WHHHHYYYY?!" Agony aunts will often offer up cheery advice such as "Take up a new hobby!" or "Try a daring new haircut!" My advice after watching Maleficent would be to get a set of leather horns, some red lipstick and go all 'bad witch' on his ass. Revenge has never looked so good.

  • Films on TV round-up: stand-up comics and stand-up rows

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 12th June 2011

    Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke. I know what you're thinking: Bucks Fizz tribute band, right? Wrong. It's this week's weekly round-up of the week's films that we do each week. Weekly. And, arguably, weakly.

  • The Tourist

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th December 2010

    Depp! And Jolie! Together, onscreen for the first time! How exciting is this going to be? The answer is: not at all. In fact, this film is so uninspiring, that at one point in the film Depp's character is seen reading a spy novel and I caught myself wishing we could be following that story instead. It certainly couldn't have been any worse than this dreary smugfest.

  • Salt

    Movie Review | David | 24th August 2010

    Following the shelving of Bourne 4 for the immediate future, Philip Noyce's feature has been earmarked as its temporary replacement; however, for better or worse, it is not at all. Entering the film sceptical about Jolie as the main action lead and the plot itself, my spider-sense seemed to tingle 'average film syndrome'. I was right. However, upon my exit from the cinema, a strange sense of bewilderment and disappointment filled me.

  • Angelina Jolie to play Marilyn Monroe in her terrier's biopic

    Movie News | Ali | 16th August 2010

    Angelina Jolie will play history's sexiest dead chick Marilyn Monroe in a movie biopic, shot from the perspective of her dog. I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS.

  • Stop everything: Johnny Depp is on a boat, motherfucker

    Movie News | Ali | 14th June 2010

    Here's the first picture from The Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Said Depp: "I'm on a boat motherfucker, take a look at me, straight flowing on a boat on the deep blue sea."

  • Okay Hollywood, I'll go see your Angelina Jolie Cleopatra movie

    Movie News | Ali | 13th June 2010

    There are two Cleopatra movies coming atcha. One will star Angelina Jolie. The other is a 3D musical from Steven Soderbergh. Make sure you get in the right queue.

  • Do not want: Kristen Stewart to replace Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd April 2010

    Kristen Stewart is allegedly being lined up to replace Angelina Jolie in the sequel to Wanted, despite me making this face upon hearing the news: ಠ_ಠ

  • Angelina Jolie gives us wood

    Movie News | Ali | 1st March 2010

    Fnar fnar. Angelina Jolie has opted out of the sequel to Wanted to make a movie about a pair of newlyweds who build a timber empire during the Depression. There is no punchline to this joke.