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  • I Give It A Year

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th February 2013

    I gave it half an hour. 30 minutes is more than enough time to establish whether or not you're going to like a film and its protagonists: if you're not on board after the first act, chances are the second and third acts aren't going to be to your tastes either. To its credit, I Give It A Year starts where most romcoms end: the happily-ever-after wedding between its two leads – writer Josh (Rafe Spall) and prissy ad agency miss Nat (Rose Byrne) – mercifully sparing us the agonisingly tedious meetcute routine and fast-forwarding straight to the good bits i.e. the bickering, the adultery and the break-up. In other words, the bits romcoms are otherwise scared to show.

  • The Dictator

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th May 2012

    Jokes are funny, aren't they? I don't mean in the 'Ha ha, Jimmy Carr is totes a legend LOL' kind of way; more I find them a strange way to get a laugh – painstakingly constructing sentences and cadences to maximise hilarity. It's a far more traditional, way more precise craft than surrealist, situational or observational comedy, and not one that's overly-familiar to Sacha Baron Cohen, who has thus far mostly traded on the comedy of embarrassment – the exquisite awkwardness that hidden cameras and unsuspecting participants provide. The Dictator represents his return to scripted comedy after the Borat/Bruno double-header, but any fears that Cohen's appeal would effectively be neutered while working with a safety net are swiftly allayed – this showcases his talents on the page as well as on the screen.

  • Yogi Bear

    Movie Review | Matt | 11th February 2011

    No one was more surprised than me when I sat down to watch Yogi Bear and was actually confronted with an utterly fantastic update of one of my favourite childhood cartoons. The gags kept coming, each as sharp and funny as the one before, as I giggled away in my seat like the 8-year-old me did all those years ago. Alas, I'm not talking about the abysmal Yogi Bear movie itself, but the brilliant new Wile E Coyote and Road Runner 3D short shown beforehand.

  • Anna Faris is Private Benjamin, also kind of an idiot

    Movie News | Ali | 31st March 2010

    In tonight's third remake-related news update (unless you consider The Expendables to be a remake of my wildest dreams), Anna Faris will play Private Benjamin. It's funny because war isn't for girls, see?

  • Observe And Report

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd May 2009

    Another month, another mall cop comedy. Or is it? The trailer does show current King of Comedy Seth Rogen sporting his shortest haircut ever, lusting over Anna Faris and kicking seven shades of shit out of pesky skateboarding yobs in quite the comical fashion. But look a little closer and Observe And Report is a disturbing study...

  • Waiting...

    Movie Review | Stuart | 15th September 2006

    Kevin Smith may very well have pissed all over the chips of Waiting before it was even served up as a movie. One can almost picture the pitch to the studio: "It's kinda like that Clerks movie. Only it's set in a restaurant. And it's in colour." They may not have added "Only it's not going to be as funny. Or as twisted. Even tho...

  • Scary Movie 4

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th July 2006

    Bang! Famous basketball player Shaquille O'Neal has hit his head on a sink in the opening few seconds of Scary Movie 4. Bang! He's done it again, just another second later. And with that, I'm already bored with this latest, wheezing instalment of nobody's favourite horror spoof series. Seriously, when the time has come that...

  • Lost In Translation

    Movie Review | Ali | 2nd January 2005

    The follow-up to 1999's The Virgin Suicides, Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation is a story about despondency, a story about being adrift, about looking for your place in the grand scheme of things and not being able to find it. It's certainly an easy subject to identify with, and if there's any justice, then Lost in Translatio...